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"Leonor Fini The Fine Artist as Designer"
an article by Neil Zukerman
first published in A.B. Bookman, 1987

NOTE: All books are Out of Print with the exception
of the books preceded with an


1A. AURELIA Gerard DE NERVAL (French); Club International de Bibliophilie, Jaspard, Polus & Cie, Monoco; 1960; 13 ¾" x 10 ¾" w; brown cloth presentation box; 20 full page and 19 quarter page tinted etchings (unsigned). Edition limited to 270 copies. This copy printed on Arches, loose pages as Issued.=

1. CARMILLA Joseph-Sheridan LEFANU (English); Alsparck, New York, Ariane Lancell, Editor; 1983; 22.5" x 18" w; Grey cloth box; 8 Silkscreens; 15 Original Sepia Lithogrphs all signed by the artist and numbered. Edition limited to 297 copies. Printed on Arches, loose pages as Issued. Gray Cloth Box This is the tale of a lesbian vampire that has been made into both films and stage productions=

2. CHATS D'ATELIER (Studio Cats) Leonor FINI (French w/English Translation enclosed); Photographs by Tana KALEYA; Editions Michèle Trinckvel; Paris/Guy Pieters; Belgique; 1988 111/2" x 15" w; 10 pp. text; 87 pp. Fini's 19 cats in her studios with her paintings as background. Fini's love for cats is legendary. This book is a paean to that of love. From sedate and sleek to rambunctious and silly, the cats prowl the ateliers with curiosity, mischievousness and unfailing charm-
$ 250

2.a 2nd Edition, 1994. No Changes to text and no new material.---------------------------------------------
$ 85

3. CHATS DE MADAME HELVETIUS (Madame Helvetius' Cats) Leonor FINI text (French) and illustrations; Enrico Navarra, Editor; 1985; 18" x 111/2" w; orange cloth board cover and orange ribbon tie; 14 tinted and 2 black & white Etchings; Edition limited to 85 copies and an additional 15 copies for the artist; all etchings initialed in the plate; signed and numbered on the colophon. Lyrical etchings of cats and more cats! Many in fanciful dresses and robes.
$ 3,500

4. CONTES MYSTERIEUX ET FANTASTIQUES (Tales of Mystery and Imagination) Edgar Allan POE; Translated into the French by Charles BAUDELAIR; Société Normande Des Amis Du Livre; Paris; 1952; 13" x 101/4" w; 103 pp. 11 original copper plate engravings by Fini with the last being signed in the plate. Loose pages, as published, in blue paper board folio, further contained in matching slip case. The edition is limited to 75 copies. Four tales are included: Bérnice, Morella, Ligeia, and Eleonora. Some of the most detailed of Fini's etchings. These dark, brooding illustrations magnificently capture the horror that underlies these tales by Poe.
$ 8,500

5. Le Concile d'Armour (The Council of Love); Oskar PANIZZA (Translated from the German by Oreste PUCCIANI); Forward by André Breton; Viking Press; NY; 1973; 7 3/4" x 5" w; 166 pp. including many photographs of the production and 5 new drawings by Fini; cloth bound with dust jacket. This is the play for which Fini won the equivalent of the "Tony" for production and costume design. The often lewd and bawdy costumes, along with a story that pushed the boundaries of sacrilege, caused a tremendous scandal when it opened in Paris.=
5a. Ibid being paper bound.======================================== =============
$ 275

6. DESCRIPTIONS MERVEILLEUSES, LES (Marvelous Descriptions) Juan PIÑEIRO (French); Editions D'Art Agori; Bourg-la-Reine; 1973; 11" x 13 3/4" w; 72 pp; 10 original signed tinted etchings. Grey marbled paper
hinged presentation box; loose pages, as published; Limited to 220 copies with an additional 35 copies for the artist. Charming and funny.
NOTE: Many of the original wash drawings which were used as studies for the engravings are available from CFM.

$ 6,500

7. **ELUS DE LA NUIT, LES (The Chosen of the Night) Juan [Bautista] PIÑEIRO (French); Editions Michèle Trinckvel; Paris; 1986; 15" x 11" w; 60 pp. 11 original etchings, all signed by Fini; Beige cloth wraparound cover in marbled paper slip case; 200 regular and 30 artist's copies comprise the edition of this book of poetry.
$ 3,500

7A. FANFARLO, LA Charles BAUDELAIRE (French); Afterward by Yves FLORENNE; La Diane Francaise, Nice; 1969; 37" x 28" w; 100pp; 12 original color lithographs, each signed by Fini; Blue-grey silk presentation box; Loose pages, as issued; Limited t to 155 copies of which this is number 73 and is signed on the limitation page by LF.-
$ 8,500

8. ETRANGERS, LES (The Foreigners) Juan Bautista PIÑEIRO (French); Editions Michèle Trinckvel; Paris;
1976; 15 3/4" x 12" w; 80 pp; 18 signed original tinted etchings; loose pages, as issued; paper wraps contained
in illustrated paper covered presentation box; limited to 186 copies with an additional 25 copies for the artist.
Contains some of Fini's best etchings. The creatures depicted in both word and image are bizarre, charming, serious, playful and utterly captivating!-
$ 7,500

9. FETES SECRETES (Secret Ceremonies) Jean-Claude DEDIEU (French); Editions du Regard; Paris; 1978; 11 pp. text and 72 full page reproduction drawings - many erotic. Quintessential Fini! This is probably the best collection of her drawings.

------9a. DELUXE EDITION - Leather bound in cloth covered slip case. 200 copies signed by Fini 4 original etchings; 26 3/4" x 201/2" w. each; signed by Fini; contained in a grey/beige portfolio with brown ribbon tie.
$ 2,500

-------9b. REGULAR EDITION - Bound in grey/beige cloth boards with beautiful dust jacket. Edition of 5,000.
$ 475

------9c. PIRATE EDITION - Bound in beige paper boards with dust jacket; only 63 of the original 72 illustrations.
$ 200

9D. LEONOR FINI Edmond Jaloux, Paul Eluard, Alberto Moravia, George Hugnet, Charles Henri Ford [English], Mario Praz, Alberto Savinio; Editore Sansoni; Rome; 1945; 74 pp. text and 45 b&w illustrations, including 1 photograph of LF and 1 color reproduction of a self-portrait. Quintessential Fini! This is the first monograph about Fini and includes many paintings not published anywhere else. A comprehensive bibliography is also included. An absolute must for any Fini scholor! This is copy number 7 of an edition of 300. Illustrated dust wrapper over soft cover. Condition of cover is not the best, but is serviceable-
$ 350

10.**LEONOR FINI (Galerie Dionne Catalog) Introduction by Leonor FINI; Afterward is an excerpt of a letter to Lincoln Kirstein from Pavel TCHELITCHEV,(French); Galerie Dionne; Paris; 1994; 91/4" x 11" w; 2 pp text; 25 color pp. ; Light Blue paper wrap. Includes illustrations of new work which are appearing for the first time.-
$ 65

11. **LEONOR FINI (Galerie Dionne Catalog) Introductions by Jean-Claude DEDIEU, Severo SARDUY, Juan [Bautista] Piñero (French); Galerie Dionne; Paris; 1992; 81/4" x 9" w; 6 pp text; 26 color pp; 3 pp black & white, including recent photograph of Fini; Maroon paper wraps with color illustration. Includes five illustrations of new paintings appearing for the first time.-
$ 65

11A. **LEONOR FINI (Gallerie Dionne), Paris 1997. 197 Pages, Hard Bound, 12"h x 101/4"w. 46 Pages of Photographs of Leonor Fini by Cecil Beaton, Horst, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eddie Brofferio, Richard Overstreet, André Ostier, Serge Lido, Roger Vadim, Others. 92 Pages of Leonor Fini's art work spanning the period from
1924 to 1995 - Many published for the first time. French text by Leonor Fini, Jean-Claude Dedieu, Constantin Jelenski, Victor Brauner, PaulEluard, Jean Gênet, Alberto Moravia, Jean Cocteau, Marcel Brion, Max Ernst and Janus.19 Pages of Biographical Information and updated Bibliography. Pictorial Dust Jacket.-
$ 85
!2. LEONOR FINI Gallery Guy Pieters Catalog Introduction by Jean-Claude DEDIEU (French); 1988; Editions Guy Pieters; Belgium; 9 3/4" square; 90 pp; 40 color reproductions of paintings from 1970 through 1988. Many powerful new paintings not previously published anywhere else. The loss Fini suffered with the tragic death of Constantin Jelenski in 1987 is evident in the depths of pain and emotion seen in much of this work. ----------
$ 150

LEONOR FINI Musée de poche Xaviére Gauthier (The biography was written by Constantin Jelenski - uncredited); Paris 1973. (French) First Edition of the popular French series of Artist's monographs. 7" x 5.25",
156 pages; 39 black & white and 23 full color illustrations of both Fini and her work. A difficult to find, basic comprehensive look at Fini and the oeuvre. Only existent biography of Fini that has any validity to actuality. Paper wraps. 1st Edition------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 450

LEONOR FINI (Musée de Luxembourg Catalog) Introduction by Leonor Fini; Texts by Jacques AUDIBERTI, Yves BONNEFOY, Pierre BORGUE, Jean BOURET, Marcel BRION, Jacques BROSSE, Jean BURGOS, Luigi CARLUCCIO, Jean COCTEAU, Claude-Louis COMBET, Luisa CRUSVAR, Jean-Claude DEDIEU, Paul ELUARD, Max ERNST, Silvio GAGGI, Xavier GAUTHIER, Jean GENET, Jean Paul GUIBBERT, Gustaw HERLING, Gustav-Rene HOCKE, Constantin JELENSKI, Marcel JOUHANDEAU, Jan KOTT, James LORD, André Pièyre de MANDIARGUES, Guiseppe MARCHIORI, Dario MICACCHI, Parcel PAQUET, Mario PRAZ, Claude-Frederique SAMMER, Alberto SAVINIO, Patrick WALDBERG and Leonor FINI (French); Editions Guy Pieters; Knokke-Le Zoute; 1986; 101/2" x 91/2" w; 201 pages of text and illustrations; 13 pp black & white, balance in color; Fold out color pictorial board cover. Sold out during first days of this retrospective that was attended by more than 5,000 people daily. Beautiful color photos of paintings spanning a period from 1939 to 1986. This item is the First Edition of the catalog with show dates listed inside.-
$ 650

13a. 2nd edition. The only difference is the omission of the dates of the exhibition and the change of publisher to Editions Michèle Trinckvel; Paris. Also sold out before the end of the exhibition and has not been re-printed.
$ 450

14. LEONOR FINI (Japan Exhibition Catalog) Introduction by Leonor FINI, Constantin JELENSKI (French/Japanese); 1985; 91/2" x 81/4" w; 156 pp color and black & white illustrations of work and photographs of Fini; bound in pictorial paper wraps. Almost no duplication with Luxembourg Catalog (Item 28). Excellent!--
$ 275

15. LEONOR FINI; Texts by Jacques AUDIBERTI, Yves BONNEFOY, Victor BRAUNER, Marcel BRION, Jean C COCTEAU, Paul ELUARD, Max ERNST, Jean GENET, Jan KOTT, Giuseppe MARCHIORI, Alberto MORAVIA, Mario PRAZ, Alberto SAVINIO (French); Editions Hervas; Paris; 1981; 111/2" x 9" w; 51 pp text with 124 pp of color and black & white reproductions of many paintings with detail blow-ups; bound in pictorial paper wrap. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 350

16. LEONOR FINI Jean-Claude DEDIEU (French); Editions Frédéric Birr; Paris; 1978; 14 3/4" x 11" w; 127 pp; 25 pp of text, with the balance being color reproductions of paintings; black cloth board cover with dust jacket featuring Ea. ell p produced with many paintings not contained in other books. Beautiful blow-ups of details of the paintings.-
$ 400

17. LEONOR FINI (Galerie Les Arts Plastiques Modernes Catalog) Introduction by Jean-Claude DEDIEU (French); 1978; 6 x 41/4" w; bound in red cloth boards; 46 pp; 17 color reproductions of paintings and details and
1 black & white photo of Fini with some of her cats. --------------------------------------------------------
$ 150

18. LEONOR FINI (Galerie Altmann Carpentier Catalog) 1974; 6" x 41/4" w; 18 tipped in color reproductions and a photo of Fini; bound in aqua cloth boards.----------------------------------------------------------------
$ 150

LEONOR FINI (Knokke - le Zoute Casino Communal Retrospective Catalog) Text by Paul ELUARD, Paul FIERENS, Jean COCTEAU, Marcel BRION, Max ERNST, Jean Paul GUIBBERT, Yves BONNEFOY, Jacques AUDIBERTI, Jean GENET, Edmond JALOUX,; Brussels; 1965; 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" w; 60 pp; 3 photographs of Fini; 1 full color and 41 black and white illustration of paintings and drawings; white paper wraps with a sanguine reproduction of an illustration from "Les Fleurs du Mal". One of the three major retrospectives given during her career (See Items 25 and 29 for the other two). A keystone for Fini aficionados.

-----19a. Copy is near fine with clear glycine dust jacket.---------------------------------------------------
$ 325

-----19b. Copy has some loose pages, but is in very good condition.----------------------------------------
$ 250

20. LEONOR FINI (Kaplan Gallery Catalog) Introduction by Max ERNST; London; 1960; 8 1/8" square; 20 pp; 3 photographs
of Fini and 5 photos of paintings; green paper wraps. One of the only catalogs in English. -----
$ 125

LEONOR FINI - AQUARELLES (LF Watercolors) Introduction by Leonor FINI (French); Editions D'Art Poseidon; Knokke-Le Zoute, Belgique; 1983; 13 3/4" x 101/2" w; 68 pp reproductions of numerous watercolors;bound in illustrated paper cover. Extremely scarce. The only book that concentrates on her watercolors.-----
$ 450

............................................... FIRST CATALOG BY CFM / NEIL ZUKERMAN
**LEONOR FINI - THE ARTIST AS DESIGNER Letters from Leonor FINI, Leo CASTELLI, Oscar DeMEJO, Poem by Charles Henri FORD, text by Neil ZUKERMAN (English); CFM; New York; 1992; 8 ½" x 9"w; 72 pp; 82 color and 54 black & white illustrations; pictorial black paper wraps. This catalog is concerned with Fini's commercial work, including designing for the opera, theater, Ballet, books, etc. It contains the only accurate and comprehensive bibliography of Fini. A must for any Fini scholar!-

22a A limited edition of 350 numbered copies signed by the author bound in gold embossed black silk boards.

23. LEONOR FINI ET SON OEUVRE (LF and Her Work); Marcel BRION (French); Editions Jean-Jacque
Pauvert; Paris; 1955; 7 3/4" square; 102 pp; many photographs and reproductions of work tipped in; purple
cloth boards with dust jacket with color reproduction and photo of Fini; edition limitation is 5,000. An important dissertation on her work by this respected art historian and critic. Contains the largest selection of early images in any book. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 300

$500 (First Editon).

24. LEONOR FINI GALLERIA Constantin JELENSKI (French); Editoriale Periodici Italiani; Milano; 1963; 8" x
5 3/4" w; 28 pp text; 26 black & white and 2 color illustrations of paintings. Written by her companion and close friend of over thirty years. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 75

24 A.LLEONOR FINI Gallery Lambert Monet Catalog. Includes "D'un Jour plus clair que le jour" () by Yves FLORENNE (French); 1970; Edite par Lambert Monet, Geneve; 9" square; 36 pp; color illustrations of Prima Ballerina Assoluta, L'Entre-deux, Les Adelphes, Train de Jour, Train de Nuit, La Belle dame sans merci, L'Envoi, Le Chapeau, Lointaine Parente and Recreation; Beautiful black and white photo of LF; 1 black and white illustration; Hardcover bound in dark blue fabric with white lettering. As issued with no dust jacket. A little gem of a catalog.

LEONOR FINI GRAFIS (Palazzo Dei Diamanti Catalog [Ferrara, Italy]) Introduction by Jean-Claude DIDIEU and Leonor FINI; (Italian/French); Edizioni D'Art; Cassalecchio di Reno, Italy; 1983; 81/4" x 81/2" w; 263 pp; many color and black and white illustrations; illustrated white paper wrap with pictorial dust jacket. This is the official catalog for the retrospective. Tremendous scope of work represented. A collector's edition of an invaluable reference book.--
$ 425

25a. Same except "Palazzo Dei Diamanti" is not on spine and bound in pictorial boards; No dustjacket.-----
$ 350

---------------------------------------------------MUST HAVE
LEONOR FINI GRAPHIQUE / OEUVRE GRAPHIQUE (LF Graphic / Graphic Works) Jean-Paul GUIBBERT (French);Editions Clairefontaine; Lausanne; 1971; 12" x 121/2" w; 177 pp; many tipped in color plates and black & white illustrations; bound in black cloth boards with pictorial dust jacket (Cocteau Sphinx from "Portraits de Famille") Important study of the graphic work. A companion volume (LEONOR FINI PEINTURE) was published in 1968. This constitutes the 1st edition in conjunction with an HC (not for sale) limited edition of 5,000 copies which was printed simultaneously. -------------------------------------------------------------
$ 750

26aa. Without dust jacket.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 500

26bb. HC edition limited to 5,000 copies printed for members of the Guilde du Livre; numbered; white illustrated
(same as dust jacket in item 26) pictorial boards with imprinted black cloth spine. ----------------------------
$ 850

26cc. 2nd edition; Clairefontaine Vilo; Paris; 1976; black cloth boards with orange illustrate dust jacket.-----
$ 225

26A. LEONOR FINI PEINTRE DU FANTASTIQUE (Panorama Museum Catalog); Text by Wolfgand Sauré and Jean-Claude Dedieu and Introduction by Gerd Lindner; (German); Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen; 1997; 9.5" x 7 1/2" w; 132 pp; 72 color plates and 20 black & white illustrations; bound in paper with pictorial dust jacket ("Vesper Express") This is the catalog for the first museum retrospective after Fini's death. The exhibition had work from as early as 1924 and as late as 1995. A wonderful addition to any collection.--
$ 300

27. LEONOR FINI [PEINTURES] (Leonor Fini [Paintings]) Preface by Leonor FINI (French); Editions
Michèle Trinckvel; Paris; 1994; 141/2" x 11" w; 135 pp; 94 reproductions of paintings in full color and one black & white photograph of Fini from the 60's; bound in black cloth boards with pictorial dust jacket (Femme de la Lune). A chronological look at Fini's paintings. A well presented selection with a few works that appear nowhere else and the first time that "La Vie Ideal" has been published in color. -

-----------------------..........-----MUST HAVE - VERY IMPORTANT BOOK
28. LEONOR FINI [PEINTURES] (Leonor Fini Paintings) Constantin JELENSKI (French with English translation included); La Guilde du Livre and Clairefontaine; Lusanne; 1968; 12" x 121/2" w; 177 pp; many tipped in color plates and black & white illustrations; bound in black cloth boards with pictorial dust jacket (Les Aveugles (The Blind)). Important study of Fini's paintings. A companion volume to LEONOR FINI GRAPHIQUE (Item #26) first published in 1971. This volume constitutes the 1st edition in conjunction with an HC limited edition of 5,000 copies which was printed simultaneously. This is arguably the most important critique of Fini's work. The author lived with Fini for many years and was her closest confidant.==================================-----==
$ 750

28a. HC edition limited to 5,000 copies printed for members of the Guilde du Livre; Numbered copies; illustrated pictorial boards with imprinted black cloth spine.------------------------------------------------------------
$ 850

28aa. 2nd edition; 1968; bound in black cloth boards with illustrated dust jacket (face in orange & red).----
$ 650

28bb. 3rd edition; 1972; bound in black cloth boards with illustrated dust jacket as in item 28b.-------------
$ 500

28cc. 3rd edition; New dust jacket with illustration changed to "L'Escarpolette (The Swing).----------------
$ 500

28dd. 4th edition; Vilo; Paris; 1980; bound in black cloth boards with pictorial dust jacket [Le Bout du Monde
(The End of the World)]; plates are no longer tipped in; some changes in illustrations; paper has been changed to a lighter stock. Out of Print in 1990 and will not be re-printed.------------------------------------------------
$ 225

28ee. 3rd edition; 1st ENGLISH edition; Olympia Press; New York; This edition was published for the Penthouse Magazine Book Club; pictorial boards with illustration of Les Aveugles (The Blind). The only major work on Fini's paintings written in English. Long out of print.----------------------------------------------------------------
$ 400

29. LEONOR FINI PORTFOLIO Text is an excerpt from Le Livre de Leonor Fini; Editions Daniel Briand; Toulouse; 1980; 15 3/4" x 111/4" w; 6 photo reproduced sketches, 10 color prints: La Passagère, Vesper Express, Le Bout du Monde, Ea, Heliodora, La Serrure, La Fête Secrète, La Guardian des Sources, Avant de s'Endormir, and Le Couronnement de la Bienheureuse Feline; These prints are of excellent quality and represent some of Fini's finest and most famous works. Suitable for framing!-
$ 300

--------------------------------==---.......---HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
--------------------------------------.........---Can be dedicated by author

**LEONOR FINI - "LA VIE IDEALE" (The Ideal Life) Neil Zukerman (English); Joy Williams Brown (English); CFM Gallery; New York; 1997; 12" x 9" w; 64 pages. 27 Pages of personal memories and discussion of Fini's work. Over 75 rare photos of Fini, her friends and her environment; More than 85 illustrations of paintings, drawings and water colors, many seen here for the first time. This is the catalog for the largest retrospective and sale of Fini's work to take place outside of Europe. Published in a limited edition of 2,000 copies.
$ 45

29aa. DELUXE EDITION - Numbered Copies 1 - 40 signed by the Author; Accompanied by an Original lithograph from La Grande Parade des Chats, pencil signed by Leonor Fini ---------------------------------
$ 250

29bb. Authors Edition - Numbered Copies 1-100 signed by the Author Hard Cover-----------------------
$ 175

30. FLEURS DU MAL, LES (The Flowers of Evil) Charles BAUDELAIRE (French); Le Cercle du Livre Précieux; Darmstadt, Germany; 1964; 18" x 13" w; 294 pp; 24 original lithographs; loose pages, as published; Limited Edition of 500. Fini's hauntingly beautiful, softly colored lithographs capture the substance of the text; consider to be Baudelaire's master work.-
$ 6,000

31. FRUITS DE LA PASSION (Fruits of Passion) Jean-Claude DEDIEU (French); Editions Des Maitres Du XXe
Siecle; Paris; 1980; 171/4" x 14 3/4" w; 4 pp text; 32 color reproductions of mixed media work, many sexually graphic. All copies are numbered. This copy is one of 4,690 with another 310 in other editions.--------------
$ 400

32. GRANDE PARADE DES CHATS, LA (The Big Parade of Cats) Editions Agori; Paris; 1973; 131/4" x 10" w; 60 original full color lithographs; bound in board cover with Fini designed orange and black cats in slipcase of the same design; edition of 230 with additional 35 copies for the artist. These colorful cats run the gamut from serious to totally absurd! This is the cat-loving Fini letting her legendary sense of the ridiculous run rampant! Since this book has often been destroyed to allow the sale of individual lithos, a bound copy is exceptionally rare.
$ 6,500

33. HISTOIRE DE VIBRISSA (The Story of Vibrissa) Leonor FINI text (French) and illustrations; Edition Tchou; Paris; 1973; 171/2" x 6" w; 99 pp; edition of 250; signed and numbered; maroon leather, gold embossed cover and spine, with tinted etching on vellum inset into cover; gilt edges; contained in dark tan paper slip case. This line illustrated play is a burlesque about a cat queen and her friends. The text, in Fini's handwriting, is interspersed with numerous funny sketches of cats in often droll, sometimes erotic, poses and situations. Many of the characters are various person friends of Fini. It is dedicated to the two men with whom she lived from the 1940's until their untimely and tragic deaths in the 1980's. A wickedly funny story with equally outrageous and wonderful pen and ink illustrations.
$ 2,550

-----------------------.............-----FINI's MOST FAMOUS ILLUSTRATIONS
HISTOIRE D'O (The Story of O) Pauline REAGE pseudonom for Dominique AURY (French); Le Cercle du Livre Précieux; Paris: 1962: 151/2" x 12" w; 184 pp; 12 color original lithographs and numerous black & white drawings;many lithos signed in the plate; black velvet wrap cover in matched slip case; loose pages, as published; limited to 350 copies plus 2. Erotic, explicit illustrations enhance the mood of this classic. Copy is the deluxe edition.
$ 5,000

34aa. Edition Jean-Jacques Pauvert; 1975; 11" x 81/2" w; photo-reproduced version of the above; Edition limited to 790; a 15" x 11" signed and numbered original lithograph is included; loose pp, as issued, contained in a 15 3/4" x 51/4" red cloth presentation box. There is some question as to both the authenticity and the "legality" of this edition.
$ 500

34bb. Bound copy in red moire silk with gold stamping on cover.-------------------------------------------
$ 500

34cc. ibid; Bound copy in black leatherette with red and white stamping on cover.--------------------------
$ 150

34dd. Edition Claude Tchou; 1968; Paris; 11" x 8.5" w/ photo-reproduced illustrations from the original edition (Item 34). Bound in Padded Gold "Leatherette" in a clear plastic wrapper with a colored illustrative detail. This edition was limited to 8,000 copies, each numbered.-
$ 450

34A. IMAGES DE LA MORT DOUCE (Images of Sweet Death) Text by Jean Paul GUIBBERT (French); Jean Paul Guibbert; Paris; 1974; 16.5" x 10" w; 18 texts each with an original tinted etching; Loose as published with a white paper wrapper imprinted with an original etching . Limitation Page is signed by both Fini and Guibbert. Total edition size is 244. This is book number EA 35 and is a collaborators copy on Velin de Rives paper.------
$ 8,750

35. LEÇONS, LES (The Lessons) Preface by Patrick WALDBERG (French); Editions du Tamanoir; Bruxelles; 1976; 27.5" x 21.5" w; 6 pp. text; 12 silkscreen illustrations; bound in leather and marbled paper boards; signed by Waldberg and Fini; limited to 275 copies with an additional 26 copies for the collaborators of the edition; suite of the 12 silkscreens signed by Fini - in matching marbled paper portfolio are contained with the book in sumptuous matching leather and paper box. Many of Fini's most beautiful images, such as "Vesper Express" and "Guardian of the Wells" are included. This is another book which is difficult to locate in complete condition. It weighs 23 lbs!-
$ 17,500

----------------------------------.....-----JEAN GENET WRITES ABOUT FINI
LETTRA A LEONOR FINI (Letter to Leonor Fini) Jean GENET (French with English translation included);Printed for Fini by Loyau; Paris; 1950; 81/2" x 5 3/4" w; 9 pp text; 8 photographic reproductions of Fini paintings;russet paper wrap; edition limited to 800. This privately printed booklet is the text of a letter sent to Fini by Genet.
$ 700

37. LIVRE D'IMAGES (Book of Images) Juan [Bautista] PIÑEIRO (French); A.C. Mazo; Paris; 1971; 251/2" x 191/2 w; 12 pp text decorated with 5 color and 2 black on white original lithographs with an additional 12 color and 1 black & white, signed original lithographs; edition is limited to 166 copies with unspecified number of "not for sale" copies; loose pages, as issued, contained in a red cloth portfolio with red ribbon ties. One of the most beautiful collections of large format lithographs by Fini. Images such as Le Prince, Le Guetteur, L'Amie, and Rahat and Loukoum are among her most sought after graphics. ------------------------------------------------------
$ 20,000

-------------------.......----IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE BOOK THIS SHOULD BE IT
LIVRE DE LEONOR FINI, LE (Leonor Fini's Book) Leonor FINI (French); Editions Clairefontaine - Vilo; Paris; 1975; 141/2" x 101/2" w; 248 pp; brown cloth boards in dust jacket with photograph of Fini. This is the 1st Edition. Profusely illustrated with photographs, reproductions of paintings, drawings and depictions of influences on her life and work. The definitive study of her life as an artist, writer, designer, illustrator, personality and visionary.
$ 750

38a. 2nd Edition; Mermoud-Clairfontaine; 1979. Substantially the same as the original edition with about 15 pp of changed illustrations. This book has been discontinued with no plans for a re-printing. A tragedy!------------ $ 650

39. LIVRE DE MONELLE Marcel SCHWOB (French); Editions L.C.L.; Paris; 1965; 7" x 81/2 w; 108 pp; 20 beautiful, delicate line drawings. Edition of 3,000 numbered copies in gold stamped, beige boards with a matching houndstooth paper slip case. Fini later expanded upon these drawings and illustrated a "livre d'artiste" edition.
$ 225

39A. LIVRE DE MONELLE Marcel SCHWOB (French); Editions de la Difference; Paris; 1976; 19.5" x 13" w; 137 pp; 24 Original Etchings; Inner White Wrapper with Black Printing on Front; Loose pages as issued. Additional Suite of 24 Original Etchings pencil signed by Fini and numbered; Edition is 301 of which this is Number K/Z; contained in a hinged presentation box covered in fabric printed with art nouveau design in green, purple, olive and blue grey with gold stamped green leather label on spine.

40. MANUSCRIT TROUVE A SARAGOSSE (Memoirs from Saragosse) Jean POTOCKI; Preface by Roger GAILLOIS (French); La Compagnie des Bibliophiles du Livre D'Art et de L'Amerique Latine; 1961; 15" x 101/4" w; 180 pp; 21 riginal etchings (6 title and 15 full page); loose, as issued; white paper wrap contained in white leather spine portfolio of red-orange cloth in matching slip case with the front edged in white leather; edition of 150 numbered copies printed with the original recipient's name; 30 additional copies were done with Roman numerals. The elegance of the line etchings is exquisite! Some of finest line drawings ever done! This book, perhaps, more than any other secures Fini's place amongst the great illustrators.-
$ 9,500

41. MERVEILLES DE LA NATURE, LES (Nature's Marvels) Introduction by Severo SARDUY (French); Jean-Jacques Pauvert; Rome; 1971; 131/2" x 101/2 w; 96 pp; 52 sepia and 47 black & white photo-reproduction drawings; red cloth boards with gold imprint on spine and front cover, in matching slip case. "X" rated collection of highly graphic and erotic drawings.-
$ 450

-----------------------------------.........---- A MUST FOR CATOPHILES!
MIROIR DES CHATS (Cat Reflections) Leonor FINI (French); photographs by Richard OVERSTREET;
Editions de la Difference; Paris; 1977; 15" x 13" w; 240 pp; beige stipple finish cloth binding with embossed lettering;
Colorful pictorial dust jacket. The word sumptuous was invented for this book! The photographs of Fini and her cats are some of the most beautiful ever taken, while the reproduction and printing are of extraordinary quality. Fantastic!
$ 650

42aa. Without dust jacket. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 575

42a. HC copy; without dust jacket.-------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 475

42B. MONSIEUR VENUS, Text by Ramon de RACHILDE [Marguerite Eymeryl] (French); Editions D'Art Agori, Paris, 1972; 17" x 13.5"w, 192 pp; 35 Original Etchings; Edition of 275 plus 20 copies for the collaborators and an additional H.C. specified for Arianne Lancel. The following is a quote from an unidentified reviewer of the story, "Rachilde's masterpiece, Monsieur Venus (1884) is the ultimate decadent novel. It has something for every sexual non-conformist; transvestism (both male and female), sadism, masochism, fetishism, homoeroticism, and even symbolic necrophilia. Rachilde's genius lies in her poetic ability to express the protean possibilities of gender. More than a mere reversal of stereotypical gender roles, her story destroys the boundries....." Is it any wonder that Fini was drawn to this text? The illustrations are among her most lyrical and 'pretty' oeuvre.

42Ba. MONSIEUR VENUS book number 14. This special number includes:
.................................The text is printed on Japon Nacre
..................................Each of the 35 illustrations are pencil signed by LF
..................................There is an additional suite of the 35 illustrations on Japon Nacre pencil signed by LF
..................................An original pen and ink study for one of the illustrations
..................................The original copper engraved plate for the same illustration
..................................The original study, copper plate and illustration from the suite are framed

43. MOURMOUR, CONTE POUR ENFANTS VELUS (Mourmour, Tale for Hairy Children) Leonor FINI (French); Editions de la Difference; Paris; 1976; 81/4" x 5 3/4" w; 131 pp; no illustrations; bound in pale green paper wrap. A surreal tale by Fini. Very bizarre, yet strangely sweet.-
$ 300

43A. TRAUMTRAGER, DER (The Dream Bearer); Vis-a-Vis; Berlin; 1985; German translation of item #37;
9.5" x 5.25" w; 9 full page photo-reproduced wash drawings done for the edition; paper cover with photograph of Voyageurs en Repos (Travelers at Rest).-
$ 75

44. OH! VIOLETTE ou LA POLITESSE DES VEGETAUX (Oh! Violette or the Manners of Vegetables) Lise DEHARME (pseudonym of Anne-Marie Hirtz); (French); Eric Losfeld Editions; Paris; 1969; 81/2" x 51/2" w; 248 pp; 8 full page line illustrations on shocking pink paper; bound in olive cloth boards with an illustrated dust jacket of the same pink. One of two books illustrated by Fini for this surrealist writer.-
$ 125

45. *PARCOURS DANS L'OEUVRE DE LEONOR FINI (Paths in the Work of Leonor Fini) Titziana VILLANI (Translated into French from the Italian by Jean-Claude DEDIEU); Editions Michèle Trinckvel; Paris; 1989; 154 pp; many color reproductions of paintings; embossed black cloth boards in pictorial dust jacket. A scholarly dissertation on the psychological threads running through Fini's work by a young Italian poet who spent considerable time with Fini during her bereavement after the death of Constantin Jelenski in 1987.-
$ 150

46. PETITES FILLES MODELES, LES (Perfect Little Girls) Comtesse de SEGUR (French); Editions Art et Valeurs; Paris; 1973; 221/2" x 151/4" w; 170 pp; 20 signed original tinted etchings; edition of 275 with 30 additional Artist's copies; loose pages as issued; contained in a red cardboard "faux" book with red cloth cover heavily embossed with gold lettering and both gold and blind embossed decorations. The fay, sometimes nasty, illustrations say all there is to be said about little girls. From sweet to cruel, it is all there mirroring Fini's view of children "I don't like them because when they are in a room, no one pays attention to me!"
$ 8,500

47. PORTRAITS DE FAMILLE (Family Portraits) Jean COCTEAU, Francis PONGE, Jacques AUDIBERTI, Marcel BEALU, André Pièyre de MANDIARGUES, Lise DEHARME (French); Leonor Fini; Paris; 1950; 15" x 11" w; 6 hand colored and signed etchings by Fini accompany the texts of the above writers; loose, as published; pale blue portfolio with grey silk ribbon tie. With only 60 copies in the edition this is Fini's smallest limited edition book.
$ 18,500

48. ROGOMELEC Leonor FINI (French); Editions Stock; Paris; 1979; 91/4" x 51/4" w; 122 pp; 14 black & white lustrations; paper wrap with color reproduction of Rogomelec painting on front cover. Another surrealistic tale by Fini.-
$ 75

48a. (German); Edition Vis-a-Vis; Berlin; 1983; 7" x 41/2" w; 80 pp; 10 black & white reproductions of drawings done for this edition; paper wrap with black & white reproduction of Rogomelec on front cover. In print.-----
$ 50

49. ROMAN DE LA ROSE, LE (Story of the Rose) Guillaume de LORRIS and Jean de MEUN (Translated to French and annotated by Andre LANLY) preceded by a study by Georges DUBY; Editions Champion; Paris; 1977; 11" x 9" w; 274 pp; 12 unsigned colored lithorgraphs bound in tooled, gold embossed reddish brown leather cover in matching leather edged, tan marbled paper slip case; 46 black and white reproductions of medieval wood block illustrations; black and white illuminated letters start each paragraph. A total of 7,971 copies were printed. There were 3,500 copies printed on Velin Stendhal paper. Fini's illustrations are atypical. They preserve the feel of the middle ages in a beautiful contemporary style.
$ 650

50. SABBAT RESSUSCITE PAR LEONOR FINI, LE (The Witches' Sabbath Resurrected For Leonor Fini) Jacques AUDIBERTI (French); Societe des Amis du Livre; Paris; 1957; 15" x 11" w; 124 pp 10 full page etchings of witches in full regalia, 24 small etchings of demons, zombies and other night creatures and 1 full page etching embodying the spirit of the black sabbath; loose pages, as published, in paper wraps in a pale greenish cloth folio in a matching slip case: An edition of 90 with an additional 15 Artist's copies. This, the most macabre of Fini's works, is brilliant! The powerful etchings thrill rather than terrify while lingering in the memory.
$ 14,000

50A. SEPT PECHES CAPITAUX, LES (Seven Deadly Sins) Jacques PERRET (French); La Belle Page - La Diane Francaise, Nice;1967; 17" x 13" w; 112 pp; 8 full page original color lithographs, 1 of each sin and one of the 7 sins together, all signed by Fini; . Red cloth presentation box; loose pages, as issued. This is an edition of 199 copies, of which this is number 147.-
$ 4,500

51. SULTANES ET MAGICIENNES DES MILLE ET UNE NUITS (Sultans and Enchantresses of the Thousand
and One SOLD Nights) (French); Edition Galerie Carpentier; Paris; 1976; 22" x 30" w; 9 silkscreens with hand designed ttle pages by Fini OUT for each one: The edition size is 275 with an additional 50 copies in the tirage: all silkscreens are signed, numbered and blind embossed with Fini's cat seal. Includes Les Deux Soeurs Jalouses, one of her most beautiful images. --------------------------

52. TEMPETE, LA (The Tempest) William SHAKESPEARE (Translation by André Du BOUCHET) (French); Le Compte d'un Amateur; Paris; 1965; 16" x 12" w; 172 pp. 26 original lithographs - 11 full page, 5 half page, and five title pages; loose pages as issued, in lithograph paper cover; grey fabric box; edition limited to 200; signed on the limitation page by LF and AdB. Considered by Fini to be her most beautiful book. The soft, watercolor-like lithographs capture the dream-like feeling of this tale. A perfect example of Fini matching the medium and style to the text!
$ 9,500

52A. TENTATION DE SAINT ANTOINE (Temptation of St. Anthony) Gustave FLAUBERT (French);Les Editions Fagola de Turin; 1966; 12" x 8" w; 248 pp. 10 Original full page Lithographs pencil signed by LF. This copy has been bound in red leather with gold tooling and is contained in a pumkin colored slip case with top and bottom edged in red leather. [note: book was originally released in folio] The illustrations are very soft and are among LF's most beautiful. This book was done in an edition of 396. This is copy "S" of 21 lettered copies that were reserved for the collaborators. There is a faux wood book mark with a Fini Etching that is printed with an "S" that is particular to this book. A very hard to find book.

53. TRAGEDIE DE ROMEO ET JULIETTE, LA William SHAKESPEARE (Adapted by Yves FLORENNE) (French); Editions La Diane Français; Nice; 1979; 16 3/4" x 13 1/4" w; 152 pp. 12 silkscreens signed and numbered: also signed on the colophon; 195 copies: loose as issued, in paper wrap; red cloth box with blind embossed Leonor Fini signature and gold stamping on spine. The romance and the tragedy are fully explored in strong colors and images.
$ 8,500

53A. TRAGODIE DES ORPHEUS, DIE (Tragedy of Orpheus), Rudolph HAGELSTANGE (German)
$ 6,000

54. VISAGES POUR DELIE Maurice SCEVE (French); Ethis; Geneva; 1974; 26 x 20" w; 12 signed original lithographs with poems by Scève; edition of 320 (Includes 20 Artist's copies); loose pages as issued; contained in a grey cloth board. These lithographs were done as a memorial to the great Italian actress, Anna Magnanni, who was an extremely close friend of Fini. Upon learning of Magnanni's death, Fini "retired" to her atelier where she refused to come out or allow anyone else to come in for a matter of days. She had food left on trays outside of the door. When she came out she spoke to her agent at the time, Lambert Monet; gave him the watercolors she had done and said, "This is for Anna, do something with them." The result is this portfolio.-
$ 14,500

55. VISITEUR ROYAL, LE (The Royal Visitor) Henrik PONTOPPIDAN (French); La Collection des Prix Nobel de Litterature under the patronage of L'Academie Suedoise and La Fondation Nobel; Paris; 1967; 332 pp with 9 reproductions of original lithographs; bound in white leatherette with a Picasso drawing reproduced in color on the cover. Very strong colors and an impressionist style make these extremely arresting images stand out from the normal body of Fini's work-
$ 150


-------------- -------------------..............------HIGEST RECOMMENDATION
English sub-titles); Produced by Films Dulac; 1987; VHS; 86 minutes; color. Filmed by Belgium film director Chris Vermorcken at the time of the Leonor Fini Retrospective at the Musée de Luxembourg; he was given access to both Fini and a number of her intimates - a rare occurrence! Often hostile to intrusions into her personal life, she was extremely cooperative in the making of the film at what was one of the calmest, happiest periods of her life.-The sub-titles are pehaps the best, most accurate that we have ever seen!
$ 65

56A. PLAYING CARDS Acanthe; Paris; 1950's; Standard Deck of 52 cards with additional 2 jokers; 2 decks with differnt colored design on backs; jacks, queens, kings and jokers are designs by Fini representing caricatures of Fini, Stanislao Lepri and Constantin Jelenski (The three lived together from the 40's into the 80's) These are the original publication of the playing cards. They are housed in a split box that is contained by a slip cover; both in light tan paper. The cards are used but have no tears or bends in them. The slipcase is a bit battered and has some water stains on it. NOTE: The original illustrations for the face cards are available at CFM for purchase.

57. PLAYING CARDS Galerie Dionne; Paris; 1992; Standard Deck of 52 cards with additional 2 jokers; limited edition of 1,000 each of 2 designs; jacks, queens, kings and jokers are designs by Fini representing caricatures of Fini, Stanislao Lepri and Constantin Jelenski (The three lived together from the 40's into the 80's) These are reproductions of the original decks. The back designs are new to this set.

-------57a. Playing Cards with design of Cat on backs--------------------------------------------------------
$ 70
-------57b. Playing Cards with design of Surrealistic Head on backs--------------------

-------57c. 2 decks of Playing Cards -SOLD OUT-----------------------------------------------------------------------

58. POSTAGE STAMPS Issued by the Republica Democratica de S. Tomé E Principe; 1981. A small island off the west coast of Africa, S. Tomé E Principe does not subscribe to international copyright laws and their prime source of income is producing commemorative postage stamps. They selected two of Fini's paintings for issuance.

-------58a. Db1.50 Stamp; 2" x 1 3/8" w; portrays the head of a beautiful white cat in full color. ----------------
$ 10

-------58b. Db75 Stamp; 2" x 1 3/8" w; perforated in 4" x 5 3/4" wide pictorial presentation; Les Mutantes (Three littlegirls on a swing, each holding a cat whom they resemble) is in the center with 4 photographs of Fini's cats decorating each corner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$ 15

59. THE PARIS REVIEW Summer-Fall 1960; Leonor Fini "a portfolio"; 1 pp text in English by Luce HOCTIN; 1 black and white illustration of a self portrait that was created for "Justine" in 1944; 6 pp black & white illustrations.-
$ 25

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