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Revoltella Museum

July 4 to September 27, 2009
Extended thru
October 18, 2009
Trieste, Italy

Well, it is official. The largest museum retrospective of Fini's work is now up and open to the public

Maria Masau Dan, the Director of the Musem Revoltella, in Trieste where Leonor grew up,
has mangaged to gather together over 250 works from collections all over the world.

One of the highlights is Le Jeux des Jambes (Game of Legs) which was Leonor's contribution to the Dada and Surrealism Exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1936. Long buried in a private collection, this is the first time in over half a century that anyone has had the opportunity to see it in color. In the MOMA catalog and all other incarnations it is in black and white.


L to R - Maria Masau Dan; Massimo Greco, Minister of Culture; Peter Webb and translator.
Peter Webb, the author of Fini's biography was present and spoke at the opening ceremony. The English language edition of the book is scheduled for release by Vendome Press in Late September or early October, 2009.

CFM is very proud to have lent a number of the artworks being exhibited. Offering the opportunity to show many of the pieces that we own to a new audience is very gratifying. For myself, being able to once again see L'Ametie (from the collection of Valentina Cortese) was a decided treat

It was very special going to see the apartment where Leonor spent her childhood and to envision her on the balcony where she and her younger cousin, Oscar de Mejo, would fill balloons with water and loose them on the unsuspecting passersby below.


Richard Overstreet and Arlette Souhami ................................Maria Masau Dan..and..Neil Zukerman .


The New York Times, in it's November 29, 1936 review of Fini's joint exhibition with Max Ernst, said about this diptych,
"She has all sorts of queer notions in her head, and some of them, it is to be feared, aren't quite "nice."
Fini's reaction was to tell them to "Go To Hell!"







CFM would like to extend a special thanks to the Museum and and its staff for creating this wonderful exhibition.


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